Sunday, July 20, 2008

No Pics/No Youtube, Just a Short Update

As you can tell from all the previous posts, mostly pics and videos, Nate and Owen have been in the pool a lot. The rainy weather has passed and hot summer has arrived! Mostly, because it has been so hot, other than the pool, we've been staying inside, going out for drives, going to the movies, running errands and driving his power chair at school. Next week we will take Nate to our church and he will drive in the gym there. I think that will work better - it will be cleaner, cooler and just a nicer place for him to drive. (Plus, we can stop and say a prayer on the way out!)

Nate got some new foot/ankle splints, which he didn't tolerate very well at first, but after some adjustments and wearing them a couple of times, he's doing much better in them. He hasn't been in the stander in a long time because we've been waiting for the splints to arrive and then for him to get used to them. Hopefully, this week he will get in his stander again.
Nate also got a haircut - it was so long! I saved some of his hair, which I haven't done since his very first haircut. I love the longer curls, but Trey prefers the military cut. Either way, he's our handsome redhead!

For some reason, Nate has been struggling some in the mornings. He has really thick secretions and we've had some scary times with him right when he wakes up. We have to cough, do the vest, breathing treatment right away (which is not normal). Then once we get him settled, he's fine the rest of the day - no temp, lungs clear, etc. We think it might be allergies??

Owen is standing on his own, well for about three seconds anyway. He crawls so fast! We are so happy and blessed that we have a child who is healthy and will be able to walk! I'm preparing myself for never sitting down and watching his every move! YIKES!
Thanks for checking in everyone!


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Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Shira Fisher said...

We like your blog. Lots of fun and information on here. Keep up the good fight you guys! Nate looks like he has lots of fun!