Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nate in His Ceiling Lift on the Way to the Pool (YouTube)

This is Nate's ceiling lift that we use to get him in the tub, wheelchair, power chair, stander and going out to the pool. We use the portable lift (which we will video later), to bring him out in the living room.


NoahandMax said...

You are so blessed to have the equipment you do! My son Noah (2) was watching the video with me and he said he wanted to go through the computer to swim with Nate. This is one of my favorites. Thank you again for sharing your lives.
Jeri Journeycake Phillips

Shannon and Carey said...

The track system is great! And what a pool Nate has! We need that here in Austin.
Just droppin' in,
Shannon in Austin (but from Tulsa) :)