Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nate & his VEST (You Tube Video)

Okay, so now we are going to be addicted to posting the kids on YouTube! We didn't realize how easy it is and I know for family and friends, who live out of town (many of whom have never been able to meet the boys in person), this is a gift to be able to see.
We are posting some of Nate's treatments that he does everyday. This is of Nate in his Vest that we use twice a day. It breaks everything up in his lungs and then we use the cough assist right after to get it all out. These two machines have been lifesavers and have helped keep Nate's lungs clear. He doesn't seem to mind either one - he's a tough little boy! He makes the cutest sounds while doing his vest (they aren't as loud in this video, but you can still hear them). The video also shows his room, which he loves.
Next post is of his cough assist and tonight we will post how we do his feedings and medications. And then we'll probably do one of him in his ceiling lift and portable lift. Then back to more fun stuff, like Nate in the pool and driving his chair. And we won't forget Owen either!

Here is the You Tube Link:

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