Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 14, 2007

Well, not much is new around here. Nate's enjoying the summer so far. He's been in the pool a couple of times and LOVED it! We've had so much rain (I guess spring isn't wanting to leave just yet) so we've been limited on pool time! I'm sure the hot sunny steamy days will be here in no time. Being 7 mos pregnant, I'm not in any hurry!

Nate's summer school starts today. The teacher and speech therapist will come to the house on Thursdays until late July. We will go to the school the next couple of weeks also, for zoo day and safari day. Hopefully, they will have some big animals for Nate to check out!

We found out Nate still has pseudomonas. He went through his three month treatment of Cipro and Colymicin, but it is still showing up in his culture. We knew this bacteria was VERY hard to get rid of, but we've been through this before when he was a year old, and after the treatment, his cultures were clear for two years. But the nasty thing is back and looks like it might be here to stay. Apparently, it's not uncommon for children in Nate's situation to get this. He will be monitored closely (if the bacteria grows, it can be life threatening), cultures taken frequently, and will be on Colymicin every other month to keep the bacteria at bay. He has been doing very well and isn't showing any signs of being sick or that the pseudomonas is growing, so we will continue to pray and be happy he's doing so great and feeling good!

The new nursing company has worked out well. It's a much better operation and they are really trying to fill all of the shifts. The nurses (for the most part) have all been great and Nate seems to approve of them. We will hopefully get 24 hour coverage around the time the baby is born, which will be a big help! We wouldn't want Trey to miss out on his child being born if I go into labor when a nurse isn't here, so we're working on getting that approved by insurance. Hopefully, the nursing company will be able to fill all the shifts. It's getting closer - only a couple more months and Nate will meet his little brother or sister!

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