Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sesame Street Live

Saturday we went to Sesame Street Live at the Mabee Center. It was great! We were a little worried that Nate would be overwhelmed or scared, but he thoroughly enjoyed it! We had great seats on the floor right by the stage which were very convenient and Nate had no problem seeing the stage or the characters. They would come down off the stage and walk around and interact with the crowd, including Nathan as you see in one of the pictures. Also, before the show started, a man in the lobby introduced himself and asked about Nathan. He was a radio host for 96.5 and they were sponsoring the show. He and his partner were on stage at the very beginning to introduce the show and to our surprise, he said to the crowd - "The show's about to start but before we get going, I want everyone to say hello to my new friend Nathan down here in the 5th row." And the whole crowd yelled "HI NATHAN". And then Nathan waved back to everyone. It was the sweetest, cutest thing! Of course, it brought tears to my eyes.
Also, there was a little boy sitting right in front of us that kept staring at Nathan. He almost watched Nate more than he watched the show. During the intermission, his mother came to us and said my son wants to meet your son. She said her son was worried about Nate and wanted to make sure he was okay. We said of course you can meet him and told the little boy that Nate was fine and enjoying the show. After he realized that Nate was okay, the second half he seemed to watch the show more and not pay as much attention to Nathan. It's amazing how kids can be sometimes. We thought that was so sweet for such a little boy to be worried about Nate. We are used to people and kids staring at Nate, but for the most part kids are very receptive and they just want to know if he's okay or what's wrong. Once they have the answers, they accept it and it's no big deal.
So, needless to say, it was a very special day (for us and for Nathan)!


Shannon and Carey said...

Hey Nate!
I bet you had a great time at Sesame Street Live. Your pics are great. Was Oscar mean? It certainly doesnt look like it by the photos. Maybe thats just a front, huh?
I just wanted to say hello. Have a good evening dude.
Shannon in Austin

Anonymous said...

Sesame Street Live looks like a blast! Mr. Monty and Uncle Jeff may want to go next time they are in town!!!

What a great outing, it's nice to see Nate taking on the world.


Anonymous said...

Great photos of Sesame Street, Easter and Nate! Congratulations Trey and Jen on the new baby! What wonderful news, I know Nate will be a very good big brother. I really enjoyed catching up with EVERYTHING Nate has been up to this month, it looks like he has been very busy and having a great time... just as he deserves! You "kids" take care, look forward to future news...
Judy G.