Sunday, March 25, 2007

A scary afternoon...

On Wednesday afternoon, Jen, Nate and Sue were involved in a car wreck as they were coming home from Dr. Carey's office. They had run out to pick up Nate's Colymycin and as they were going through the intersection at 121st Street and Memorial, another driver turned in front of them. Luckily, Jen managed to swerve to the right otherwise it would have been a head-on collision. The other vehicle, a BMW 750, hit the minivan on the front and rear areas the driver's side.

The impact of the collision broke one of the wheels on Nate's Kid Kart, which caused it to tilt over to the left, and disconnected the cable from his BiPAP to the BiPAP battery. When Jen turned around to check on Nate, he was totally askew...his head way over to the left and his arms and legs were all out of position. Because the battery cable was dislodged, the BiPAP was not working so they had to use the ambu-bag on him to keep his saturations up. Several witnesses stopped and helped as best as they could until the Bixby Police, the Bixby Fire department and EMSA arrived on the scene. Luckily, it took them less than 5 minutes to get to the accident and they helped Jen & Sue stabilze Nate. Once they got his BiPAP back on, he calmed down and the Paramedics were able to do an assessment on him.

Since everything checked out OK, we made the decision to transport him home instead of going to the ER at St. John. The Fire Dept. and EMSA were great since they loaded Nate, still in his Kid Kart, into the back of the ambulance then took him and Jennifer to the house. The next morning, the mobile x-ray service came out to the house and took about a dozen x-rays to make sure there were no fractures. The good news is that no one had any fractures!

Jen and Sue are pretty sore and Nate seems to have fared the best. I think that since he is so hypotonic (floppy), he just got jostled around by the crash while Jen & Sue "tensed up" right as it happened. His back seems to have been bothering him a little bit over the last couple of days but other than that he is being his normal self.

Here are a couple of pictures of the van:

Once again, the Big Guy Upstairs was watching over our family. It is truly amazing that everyone is OK and that no one was seriously injured in the collision. We'll keep you updated on how everyone is recovering...

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