Monday, March 26, 2007

Nathan has a surprise to share...

We've been trying to find a creative way to share this news with everyone who keeps up with Nate via his blog. Given the events of this last week, we'll just go with this...


Yes, you read that last line correctly...we are EXPECTING! Another Baby Russell is on the way and is due to arrive around September 3rd...which is Labor Day.

Jen, who is 18 weeks along, has had a rough first trimester but is beginning to feel better. The wreck on Wednesday slowed her down some but everything is fine. After the accident, she had an ultrasound just to make sure everything was OK and the doctor's nurse pretty much told her that the baby was very well protected.

We are very excited about another child and feel that Nate will do great with a sibling. We've talked to him about the baby and showed him pictures of Jen when she was pregnant with him. You can tell by his expressions and sounds that he understands and is excited.

We'll continue to ask for your prayers as SMA is a risk with this child as well. We are both cautiously optimistic that this child will be SMA-free. God definitely had His hand in this exciting development and we know that we can handle whatever happens.

We'll continue to keep everyone updated on Nate and his new life as a Big Brother!


Gammy said...

This is a blessing to all of us. Love you all, Gammy

Anonymous said...

Great news! I'm glad Jen and Nate are OK after the wreck. -Monty

Kimberly Lengyel said...

Jen, Trey and Nate,
Congratulations on the news! I am very excited for all of you and love keeping up with you by the blog. I am very thankful all are well after the wreck!

Anonymous said...

Corwyn and I are so excited about the baby! We need another red-headed little girl in the family! Yippee!

Love - Aunt Melissa

Murphy's Law said...

Congrats, everyone! That makes the car crash news even scarier to read. So glad Jen and baby are okay!

Anonymous said...

Jen, Trey and Nate,

That is so exciting about the new baby and thank God for your protection in the car wreck! I hope we can get together soon. I am praying for you all. - Susie Page

MJ said...

Congratulations!!! I'm sure Nate will be a great big brother!! Can't wait to see pictures. Big hugs and high fives to Nate.

MJ and Brenda

Tamela said...

Nate's getting a brother or sister!!! This is so great! I am happy for you all! Miss you! See you SOON.


Shannon and Carey said...

Dear Jen, Nate and Trey
Congrats to you all. I will keep you all in my prayers. Im glad you and Nate were ok Jen. How scary. I cannot imagine.
Be well.
Shannon :)