Friday, November 10, 2006

X-ray update...a long, hard road ahead

Dr. Carey made his morning rounds after Nate returned from the PIC Line procedure and the story with his lungs is not good. His lower left and upper right lobes are completely white, which means they are filled with secretions / plugs / atelectis. He most probably has some infection which is causing increased secretions and the secretions are overwhelming his lungs.
The first goal is to identify and treat the infection which would reduce the secretions. He is on 2 strong antibiodics plus he has resumed the Tobramycin breathing treatments. He is also on steroids to reduce inflamation of the lungs. Next, we have to keep the secretions flowing out of him as much as possible. He is getting breathing treatments every 4 hours followed by CPT followed by the Cough Machine. His nasal passages are full of scabs and gunk so we have started using a humidifier with his BiPAP to help moisten the irritated areas.
Intubation is a possibility but will be used only if none of the other options work.
Overall, this will be a very tough battle for the little guy and we expect an extended hospital stay.


Craig said...

Hang tough Nate! I'll be in touch with you upon my return to town. Craig

Anonymous said...

Nathan, Jen and Trey, I KNOW you all can do this. It's hard, I know, but you're strong and it's worth it. Keep your head up and eyes on God and you'll get through it. Know I'm here and I'm praying everyday and so are Kyle and Tyler. I will call and check up soon. Love you guys! Jana Gundy