Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday, November 9

Today started out OK. Nate was awake and seemed to be doing fine. However, the nurse said he didn't sleep well last night, seemed uncomfortable and fussed a lot. We got a lot of "gunk" out of his lungs and nose when coughing him. Soon he calmed down, watched TV and did his slings (and he kicked and moved really well to his favorite music!). So things were looking good.

I met with Dr. Carey and he suggested putting in a "PIC" line instead of the IV that's in his foot. He said Nate is going to be here a while longer and the IV should only be in for about 3-5 days and it was already getting red and irritated. The "PIC" line is an IV cathedar that is threaded through a vein into his chest and can be in for a long period of time. They can draw blood from it and do meds through it. It seemed to make sense to me. The nurse informed me he would have to be sedated for the procedure. We had to sign a Consent Form. I hate Consent Forms. To me, they mean "CAUTION: SOMETHING TERRIBLE COULD HAPPEN DURING THIS PROCEDURE!". But we knew it had to be done. The nurse said it's really no big deal, the only thing that could go wrong is it would not be threaded correctly and go into his neck instead of his chest (which is not good). OF COURSE, this is what happened!!! They did a chest x-ray and it showed it was not threaded correctly. So, tomorrow, another procedure. He has to be taken down to another unit, sedated, and they will ultrasound the cathedar and put dye in him to trace it. Of course, I also think he could develop a blood infection from this........but we PRAY that doesn't happen! So another Consent Form.......

Also, the chest x-ray showed his lungs look worse than they did yesterday - BOTH OF THEM! They are both getting air flow, but both sides looked whiter than yesterday's x-ray. His nose is totally scabbed and swollen. We think this is due partially to the fact that he has been on a lot of oxygen and on the bi-pap 24/7 and it's drying out his nose. We've had a lot of problems with his nose in the last six months, but it seems to be worse now. We are going to bring our bi-pap from home with the humidifier to see if it helps any. We think some of the problems we've been having with his nose over the past six months, as far as scabs, huge mucus plugs and swelling, might be due to serious sinus problems or allergies. Before he is discharged from the hospital, he will have a CAT scan of the sinuses and an allergy test. Hopefully, we will get some answers.

Other than all of the above, Nate has remained in good spirits and is handling all of this like a champ. He's had two major traumatic experiences in the last four days in which he almost died; he has bruises all over his body because they've stuck him so many times; his nose is practically swollen shut and bloody; he has to be coughed and have his sore nose suctioned out; among many other unpleasant things; and he just takes it as it comes, puts up with all of it, and when it's over, he's smiling and looking at me with his soulful, loving eyes. I will NEVER be as strong as he is. Here I am, 36 years old, and my 3 year old is teaching ME what life is really all about. His strength, toughness, determination, and happiness continue to amaze me. Whenever I get down and think times are tough, I look at him and think........GOD IS GOOD AND LIFE IS GOOD!!!!
Again, thanks for your continued support and prayers. We don't know what we'd do without all of you. Nate especially thanks you................

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Gammy said...

What an ordeal for all of you. Poor Nathan. Continued prayers and love. Gammy