Friday, November 17, 2006

Nightly Update 11-17-06

Nate had a decent nap with only a few desatting episodes. He slept until 5:00PM then got to enjoy one of his favorite shows, SpongeBob. We were able to do the VEST for 18 minutes and it really helped bring up some stuff…nothing really bad like before just clear or white secretions. Jenny Streetman, one of his night nurses, stopped by for a quick visit since she was working down at St. John this afternoon / evening. He was very glad to see her and all three of us look forward to getting him home soon so we can resume our normal schedule!

One good thing was that he spent about 10 minutes off his BiPAP when I changed out his masks. He is VERY congested but was able to hold his own. It was great to see him off the BiPAP and he enjoyed moving his head around a little bit. I am sure that he also enjoyed getting his face washed!

Once I got him re-positioned on his side and started Veggie Tales for him, he was good to go. In fact, I had to pause the DVD to get him to look at me when I told him “Good Night”.

Another chest x-ray will be taken in the morning so let’s hope and pray that there is some improvement in it!

Good night…

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers continue for you all! We miss you guys! We'll have to have a play date when Nate is ready. We also need to have our christmas party. Kyle says HI!!!!

Jana and Kyle Gundy