Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Can't the helicopter go get him?

Last night before going to bed, Owen wanted to go outside to look at the moon. As we stood there, a helicopter flew over the house. We then headed inside and back to his room.

After saying prayers, Owen asked if I'd lay in bed with him for a few minutes. We talked about his visit to the dentist, his new toothbrush and the balloon he got for being a good patient.

Out of the blue, he says, "I want Nate to come home" and he buries his head in my chest while wrapping his arms around me and squeezing tightly.

I told him that I wish Nate could come home too but he has to stay in Heaven.

Then he says, "Can't the helicopter go get him?"

I tell him that I wish we could fly the helicopter up there but we can't. We talk about Nate being able to run and play in Heaven and how Nate watches over him from up there. He then wonders if Nate or Jesus has come down from Heaven and grabbed the Batman toy that he left on Nate's grave. After talking about it, we decide to go there on Saturday after my run to find out and put some new flowers on Nate's grave.

I kiss him goodnight and get a big hug in return. I tell him that I love him and get an "I love you, too!" as I close his bedroom door...10 minutes later he is sound asleep.



Anonymous said...

That is soooo sweet!!!! Mimi

Sue O'Neill (Casey and Colin's Mom) said...

What a sweetie! Nate won't be forgotten by any of us'''''''''1

Anonymous said...

What a moving and sweet story.. Nate will never be forgotten!