Friday, December 10, 2010

Owen & the Cleaning Ladies

This morning, Nancy took care of Owen while I was having my knee surgery (all went well and it actually feels pretty good right now). Every other Friday morning the maids come and today was one of those mornings.
Owen really likes these ladies and he is always trying to help them clean. Several of the ladies that come have done so for several years and are quite attached to Nate & Owen. I'll never forget the total shock and sadness on Betty's face that Friday morning when we had to tell her that Nate had just passed away.
The best plan with Owen on "Cleaning Fridays" is to get him out of the house! One thing Owen loves to do is play in Mimi's car so that is where they were this morning when the maids arrived. One of them happened to be Betty so she walked up to Nancy's car to say HELLO to Owen and here was Owen's response...
"I am going over to Mimi's house. You can go inside and clean. We'll be back later."
Not exactly what she expected to hear but priceless...

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