Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nate's Halloweens

2006 Nathan Russell, M.D. (SMA Specialist)

2007 - Nathan Russell, Police Officer

2008 - Nate the Sailor

2009 - Nate the Jailbird

Nate loved Halloween. It's going to be a tough weekend without him. Since moving to our new house when Nate was 2, we would always sit outside or in the garage with Nate and hand out candy. He loved seeing all the kids and all the kids loved seeing Nate in costume. It's going to be a lonely, different holiday this year. Here are my favorite pics of Nate from each year except 2005 when he didn't get dressed up. I believe he wasn't doing well at that time and we weren't able to celebrate. Enjoy our handsome boy in costume! Love and miss you buddy! Hugs and kisses! Mom, Dad and Owen

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