Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A bunch of Ducks & A Swan

On Sunday, Owen and I went to Floral Haven to see if Nate's marker had been installed. It had also been a while since I had been to Nate's gravesite and I really felt the need to go there. Unfortunately, the marker hasn't been installed yet and I've called to see why there has been a delay.
When we get there, I always give Owen the choice between sitting on Nate's bench or going to see the ducks. Of course, he wanted to go see the ducks...
We walked over to the area where the ducks usually are and there weren't any ducks. Off to our right about 30 yards, there were a few geese but no ducks. I told him that I didn't see any ducks but we'd walk down to see the geese.
Literally within seconds of starting to walk that way, all of the ducks that were on the other side of the roadway (about 50 yards away) started crossing the road and heading our way. I am not talking about a couple of them...I am talking about 25 to 30 ducks! The ENTIRE group crossed the road, went under the fencing and came down to where we were standing. This was a mix of ducks...momma ducks, daddy ducks and ducklings still with their fluffy feathers. Owen and I stood there mezmerized and watched them come down to us.
Then, in the pond, a black swan and a white swan swam by. I told Owen to check out the swans and about 2 minutes later the white one came up the bank and waddled toward us. It literally walked up to about 3 feet from us...only separated by the fencing...and just stared at us.
The ducks and the swan just stayed around us. Most of the ducks settled down under the shade of a tree and the swan just stood there. I think most of you readers remember Jen's swan experience and all I could do was think of that story.
After a while, Owen and I went walked back to Nate's bench and sat there for a bit. I KNOW that Nate sent the ducks and the swan to us and I am so grateful for that experience. I have REALLY been missing Nate and his sign really helped...THANK YOU, NATE!!!!
Thanks for checking in on us...

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Noah and Max said...

what an amazing story! He'll send those signs when he knows you need him. thanks for sharing Trey