Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

We went to church today and took Owen to Sunday School for the first time. Trey and I have members of Asbury for a long time, we used to go all the time before Nate's diagnosis. We were married at Asbury almost 9 years ago, both boys were baptized at Asbury, Nate's Memorial service was there and Owen has been attending Mother's Day out there as well. We had always wanted to be involved in the church before Nate was diagnosed, but obviously our obligations were to Nate and his care. I'm sure God understands :) So, this being the first Sunday to attend church in a long while, I think it appropriate that it was Mother's Day. Since I don't have many "church" clothes (or nice clothes for that matter, mostly Nike stuff!), I had to dig in my closet to find something to wear today. I still have it, the sweater I bought for and wore to Nate's private baptism ceremony about six years ago. Of course, that is what I wore today. I've posted a couple of pics from Nate's baptism and today with Owen. In the chair, I'm holding Nate's Mother's Day present he made for me in school (a nest with three eggs), and Owen's present to me, the flower made of his hand print. Also a couple of pics of us playing on Nate's bed this morning before church. I'm so blessed, but still so sad. I miss you Nate! Love you tons, Mommy


Katie Lengyel said...

Happy Mother's Day Jen. We thought of you often yesterday. It is good to see you smiling and writing-I love the stories. You truly exemplify a Mother's love.
Big hugs to you and know we are thinking of all of you every day.

Katie & Craig

Russ Knight said...

Hey, we'd love to have you guys come visit our community at Asbury - The Ark! We meet at 11:00am so most go to 9:15 services either in the sanctuary or the CLC. Our classroom is right across from the gazebo. We live in Twin Creeks and I head up the job search ministry at Asbury.

Anonymous said...

You both are very special parents. May God always you both and Ownen.. We pray for you each day and always are thinking of you.

God Bless you always..