Sunday, April 25, 2010


NATE PLAYS BASEBALL! He's in Challenger Baseball League, on a team called the "Jets". All kids have some kind of disability. Nate's team seems to have the most kids in wheelchairs. He had his first game yesterday morning It was a so fun! We met a lot of nice people and Nate enjoyed "throwing" the ball around and batting. So special! We'll probably post pics every week from each game. It was hard to get very good pics or a good video this time because Trey was dealing with Owen (typical 2 1/2 year old all over the place!) and I was helping Nate throw and bat.
Not knowing what to expect, since this was his first time to play, we learned a couple of things. Owen needs someone else to watch him, so Trey and I can both be with Nate. Trey missed out on a lot because he was chasing Owen around the whole time! Nate needs to be in his power chair, not his manual chair - it was very heavy and hard to move on the grass and dirt. Plus, he will love driving around the field! Next time, he will be in full uniform! Too cute! Hopefully, we can get some videos and pics of him throwing the ball with his teammates, batting and rounding the bases.

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