Monday, March 01, 2010


I wish I'd had a camera last week at school!!! We took Nate to class in his regular wheelchair, thinking the gym wouldn't be available to drive his power chair. But it was. First, he enjoyed hanging out in class for awhile and then we went down to the gym anyways to play and run around. We played red light/green light and "ran" around cones with the kids as they followed. I was exhausted :) ! Then his little friend Emily wanted to push him. She took him all around the gym and about five other girls helped and followed. Everyone wanted a turn, but Emily took charge. She's kind of fond of Nate and Nate really likes her as well! She always helps him color in class. So, it ended up being a good thing we weren't in the power chair. He had so much fun!

He's been doing great and staying well - Thank God! Especially, since Trey and I just got over a NASTY stomach flu. So far, neither of the boys has gotten it.
Owen is growing up so fast - saying new words every day! All of sudden it seems to have clicked. He of course is still speech delayed, but he's doing so much better. I think going to Mother's Day Out has really helped him, although he's had a hard time adjusting being away from Mom and Dad.
He is the best little brother to Nate. He will initiate doing things with Nate - push him in his wheelchair, brings things over for him to feel, reads books to him, and helping him play piano (video to be up soon!). He did the sweetest thing the other day. He was leaving with Gammy and giving Trey and I hugs goodbye and I said can you give Nate a kiss on his leg (he was in his wheelchair). He went up to Nate, picked up one leg and kissed it and then picked up the other leg and kissed it, then ran off with Gammy. Melts my heart!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Our Boys!! Thanks for checking in!

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