Monday, December 21, 2009

Bass Pro Shop

We took the boys to the Bass Pro Shop last Friday to see Santa and his "Wonderland". Santa wasn't there when we went, but that's okay because they saw him at the mall. It actually worked out really well, because it wasn't crowded at all and they were able to play with all the fun stuff in the kids area. Owen's favorite was the monster truck display. Nate liked the target practice with dad, shooting stuffed animals (UGH!). Not quite sure how I feel about that! :)

Grandpa and Grandma Judy went with us and we all enjoyed it. Luckily Owen was feeling better. He had been suffering from a pretty severe cold earlier last week. He started Mother's Day Out at our church, Asbury Methodist, and was only there two times, and got sick. That was my biggest fear and why we had waited so long to enroll him. But, that's life and he's going to get sick. I was just trying to delay the inevitable. PRAISE THE LORD Nathan didn't catch it!!! We were very careful! My mom and I both caught it, but Nate stayed well. The hardest thing was keeping Owen out of Nathan's room!

Enjoy the pics from the Bass Pro Shop.


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Mary said...

GREAT pics!