Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great time on Halloween! Uncle Jeff, Aunt "B" and Gammy came over for lunch and we all hung out together. Then we went to a party across the street before all the trick or treating festivities began. Owen and Nate both went to a couple of houses nearby to trick or treat. Nate did pretty well, if he was moving! He was kind of fussy and irritable (heart rate up also), if we were just hanging out passing out candy. Not sure what was wrong, but we ended up taking the boys inside a little early. They had plenty of fun time though! They both were a big hit in their costumes - looked very cute !!! And believe it or not, Owen kept his hat and jacket on the whole time! Can't wait for Nate to get to taste all the candy later today. He loves chocolate!

October was a great month filled with fun activities. Now it's time to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas - I can't believe it!

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Maria B. said...

Hello! 'Not sure if I ever left a comment before, but I regularly visit Nate's blog. He's the same age as my Jojo who also has SMA. Nate and Owen look great in their costumes! I enjoy looking at their pictures and videos. Take care!