Monday, August 03, 2009

Nate's 6th Birthday

Nate has had a good birthday weekend! On Saturday, Gammy, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Bradette, Grandpa Jody, Grandma Judy, Great Aunt Jill and Great Uncle Hal came over for pizza & cake. Nate had a rough time at first...he didn't do well in his chair and his stats were low while his heart rate was up. We got him back in bed for a little while then brought him back out on his bean bag and this went much better.

Sunday was an easy day around the house with no plans but today we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium. This is an annual excursion on his birthday and he seemed to enjoy it for a little while. As long as we were moving, everything was great. If we stopped to look at things, well, everything wasn't so great. He fussed most of the way home and once he got squared away back in his room, all was right with the world! Mommy hung new Super Hero stickers on the ceiling and dad hung a solar system to be posted later.

Here are pics from the festivities....

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Tiffany Pockrus said...

Looks like he had a great birthday! Tell him HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY for me! Hope to see you all soon!

From: Tiffany Pockrus (Seeking Sitters)