Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Brother Messing with Older Brother

Owen was having fun the other day putting a bowl on Nathan's head. It was really cute! Owen also likes to grab Nate's hand, pat his head (sometimes a little too hard), and "give him love" -which really means kiss or hug, but we call it love, because he gets really close to Nate's face and just stares at him. Or sometimes, he'll just put his head down really close to his chest. I'm trying to get a good pic of him doing it because it's just precious. Not sure Nate knows what to think about it. Owen is also fascinated by Nate's pulse ox probe. It has a red light on it and Owen puts his face very close to it and just stares at it. It's fun to get Nate out in the living room because Owen is able to get closer to him. I think Nate likes it, he sure smiles and laughs a lot (unless Owen gets too rough and then he makes faces like "I'm not too comfortable with this!"). But Nate sure takes a lot more from Owen than he does from me or any of the nurses. If we were to grab his arms or pat his head the way Owen does, I don't think he would like it!

I LOVE watching the boys together. I know Owen is going to be the best brother to Nathan and we are so thankful for that.

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