Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nate Update

Well, Nate's not doing so good. He acts like he feels okay. And really no fever to speak of. But we're getting a lot of thick secretions from his head/nose. It's the same thing that happened a couple of years ago when he ended up in the hospital. So, we are being very careful. He had a Dr. appt. Friday. RSV and flu cultures came back negative. We're waiting on the bacteria culture. We think it's sinus related. He's on antibiotics and the Dr. switched Nate to Allegra instead of Zyrtec because we didn't notice any improvement from the Zyrtec. We're doing a lot of saline neb treatments to help loosen up the mucus. Luckily, it has all stayed in his nose and head and not gone down in his lungs. What we are trying to avoid is a plug blocking his airway which would end up causing pneumonia. They came to the house and did a chest x-ray yesterday and it looked good (other than a slightly enlarged heart, which we already knew about). He's happy and seems comfortable (except when he's plugged up and can't breathe through his nose). Just taking it a day at a time and praying he's gets over this quickly and it doesn't turn into anything serious.

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Anonymous said...

I know it's hard when they aren't feeling well and you aren't sure why. Keep up the good work and we're praying for you all, especially that he stays well and has no major episodes.