Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nathan is 5 YEARS OLD!!!!

We are so proud of our little (big) boy! What a blessing to celebrate 5 years with him! Although Nate has had some rough times throughout his five years (he's a fighter and the toughest kid I know!), he's lived a HAPPY, HAPPY life and is loved by so many people! To the neurologist who told us when Nate was first diagnosed at five months old - "I know of a great hospice; there's nothing you can do; just take him home and love him; and he won't live to be 2 years old" - YOU WERE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!! And thank you Lord for leading us in a different direction and not listening to him! These five years with Nate have been the hardest but yet the HAPPIEST time of my life. Trey and I are completely and totally blessed that God chose us to be Nate's parents and love him more than words can say!

Nate had a great birthday weekend and seemed to enjoy this one more than the previous ones. He loved all of his presents and cards. We had a small family celebration which was perfect. It was a four day event. Friday, Trey and I took him to the aquarium which he really enjoyed (it was a little too crowded, but that seemed to bother me and Trey more than Nate). Saturday we all got in the pool and had a nice family day. Sunday was the little party with presents and cake. Monday Trey and I took him to see the Veggie Tales movie and I think this was his favorite! There were problems with the sound at first, so it was like we were watching a Veggie Tales silent movie, but Nate didn't care if there was sound - he was smiling so big! They finally got it fixed and it was a great movie and a treat for Nathan!

So get ready for picture overload. We'll post a video of Nate in his portable lift later this evening or tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in!



NoahandMax said...

Happy Birthday Nate!!! Sounds like you had a great day...4days

Anonymous said...

What a special birthday weekend! Nate, you are so blessed to have such wonderful parents and little bro who love you more than words! Happy Birthday!!

Jennifer, Scotty, Zach, Jake, Bella