Friday, September 05, 2008

Nate Update

Nate is doing okay, but not great. We think it's allergies. He has episodes of really struggling, and then he's totally fine. The mornings are the worst. Contributing to the hard mornings is that our main night nurse has been out with knee injuries for the past two weeks! Man, do we miss her! So, as always, with a new nurse (especially nights), there's always some issues. He doesn't sleep as well, among other things. Sometimes, it's just easier taking care of him ourselves, but then that wears us out. But, for the most part, he's been fine. We're getting him in the stander more often and we got him in the pool last weekend (probably the last time, since it feels like fall here already!). It's also been hard because our day nursing is messed up as well. No day nurses on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I'm here by myself. That makes it very difficult to get Nate up out of bed, since it takes two people and then I'm also taking care of Owen.

We are hoping to take Nate to the zoo today - it's supposed to be in the lower 70's and sunny - a beautiful day! I have a sitter coming to take care of Owen. Nate's morning didn't start out so good, but he seems great now, so we're still planning on going. He will love it!

Nate is also getting ready to start school again. We have his IEP meeting next week to set up all the guidelines and go over all his paperwork and then we should be good to go. He will be transferred to North Elementary this year, which means a new teacher and therapists. That will be a big adjustment, but hopefully, everything will work out. He is actually supposed to be in Kindergarten and when he actually goes to the school, he will probably go to that class instead of the early child special needs class which is for 3-5 year olds.

Nate's has been working on his eye gaze communication device and he is just not cooperating! He likes the switch better. We will be looking into using a switch which will work as a mouse for him to use, but also keep trying on the eye gaze.

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