Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nate Zooming Around

In my last post, I mentioned we haven't been able to get Nate in his power chair that much due to the weather. Well, we took advantage of the moderately hot weather this afternoon after we had major storms this morning, and got him out driving. Within 30 minutes, he was beet red (from the heat, not sunburn - we always use a ton of sunscreen on our redhead!). But, he really enjoyed it! So enjoy a few pics!


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MJ said...

NATE!!! You look fantastic and sooooo handsome & grown up! When did you decide to get so handsome? I bet you have lots of girlfriends.
Tell your mom and dad that they HAVE to send a picture of you (or you and Owen) for the 2009 SMA Calendar so everyone can see what a handsome dude you are! My e-mail address is or
Love ya!