Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Holding Nate Again!

We got Nate's portable lift and were able to get him in the living room and I got to hold him!!! Actually, the day before we received the lift, I decided I wanted to try and pick him up and hold him like I used to (on his stomach), so we tried it. We brought the rocker/recliner next to his bed and I picked him up and was able to do it. But it was much easier to use the lift and hold him in the living room facing out and he can see what's going on in the room. Either way, I get to LOVE on him! It has been over a year since I held him and I have missed it so much. He definitely has grown in height and weight, and his head is much bigger too! Trey will get his turn very soon and we look forward to doing it more often.

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NoahandMax said...

This post touches my heart. I am sure he loves you holding him as well. Give him big kisses and hugs!