Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nate at School

Nathan finally got to go to school last week, and there's only three more weeks left! Last year we were able to start taking him in April, but because of Nate's illness, we're a little late this year. Unfortunately, the night before, he was up FOUR HOURS talking and playing with his night nurse, so needless to say, he was exhausted for school, as you can tell by the picture of him SLEEPING, while a child tries to play with him. But, he was awake for some of it and enjoyed it. The teacher is still coming once a week to the house, but we will try and make it to school as much as we can for the final three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Go nathan! Kyle enjoys going to school as well. he loves driving his powerchair in the gym! now, if those darn allergies would quit bothering him! Owen looks so big now! Nate sure looks grown up, 5 in a few months! I sure miss seeing you guys!

MJ & Brenda said...

Nate, sorry that you were sick! You look fantastic now. Owen is getting so big!
Big hugs to you both!