Sunday, March 09, 2008

March 8, 2008

Well, Nate's been doing okay. Not great. He's not been seriously sick, Thank God, but something hasn't been right. We've been taking it easy and doing extra treatments and it seems to be helping. We were able to get him out for a walk today - the weather was so nice! Hopefully, spring is here!!!!

We went to my brother's wedding this weekend and it was so beautiful and so fun! It was the first time Trey and I had been out together in like 8 months!!! We had a nurse come and stay with Nathan, but it was so hard to leave. He was struggling right before we left and we were worried, but we called right after the ceremony and he was doing fine, and did great the rest of the night. Nana stayed with us and watched Owen and all went well.

Nothing much else going on, so this isn't much of an update. But no news is good news right!?!?

Enjoy the pics! This one is of my brother and his new wife, Bradette! We are so happy for them!

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