Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

We had a GREAT weekend and a very Happy Easter!

Although, it didn't start out too well. Friday, Nathan had an episode of what we think was a mucus plug. He started desatting, had labored breathing and was really struggling. We worked with him for about two hours with extra breathing treatments, coughing, the vest and he was on about 8 liters of oxygen just to keep his saturations up. We called the doctor and had an x-ray taken later that afternoon. Luckily, by the time the x-ray tech showed up at our house, we had cleared whatever was plugging him up. The x-ray came back completely clear - thank you Lord! He was weaned off the O2 and took a good nap. The rest of the weekend went pretty well, with no major episodes, but still not 100%. We kept him in bed and let him rest and recover.

In the meantime, on Friday, we had 3 families on their way to Tulsa to spend Easter weekend with us. The Lengyels, Binghams, and Bisches. All old college buddies of Trey's and their families. So needless to say, we were glad Nate pulled through and was doing better by the time everyone arrived Friday evening.

A total of 9 kids visited our house and it was great for the boys, especially Nate. He loved the company and they all were so nice to him. They read to him, helped him decorate eggs, watched TV with him and Nate was loving every bit of it. Unfortunately, because he wasn't 100%, we didn't get him up in his chair any, but it didn't matter. Everyone kept going back and seeing Nate in his room and he didn't miss a thing! Well, except for the Easter Egg hunt, but it was too cold for Nate to go outside anyways.

Here come A LOT of pics from last weekend. Enjoy!


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