Friday, February 22, 2008

Owen Sitting Up in the Tub

Owen will be six months old tomorrow!!! Wow, how the time flies! He's such a big boy - 23.6 pounds and wearing 18 mo clothes! I'm going to have my hands full when he starts crawling and walking! But I'm so excited and can't wait to watch him develop.

Nathan is doing good. He's had some ups and downs with his head and nasal congestion. Struggles at times and then does great. But, he's not truly sick. Praise the Lord! Really, it's a miracle he's remained healthy this season with all that's going around. But, we still have a couple of months to go until we're "in the clear" and out of sick season. I can't wait! I'm ready to get him out of the house!

We have hired a sitter company to come in once or twice a week to help with Owen. It will be a big help so I can get out of the house (my usual Walmart run once a week and maybe to play tennis), but most importantly, I can spend time with Nathan and do things with him. When getting Nate up in his stander, to drive his power chair, to go out of the house, anything like that, he requires my sole attention, so having someone watch Owen will help me with that.

Thanks for checking in!



Marge Montgomery said...

Trey & Jen

I am a friend of your mom (Nancy), and have followed your family's progress for many years. Nathan (and you two) have been in my prayers for so long, and it is a joy to watch Owen and Nate grow. You are blessed, as you know, and admired, which you may not have known. You continue in my prayers - for comfort, peace, thanksgiving, and progress.

Marge Montgomery

Shannon and Carey said...

Hey Jennifer,
Owen looks as if he loves his baths. What a sweet boy. I was also looking at pics of Nate and his quilt. It is GORGEOUS! I know you and your family treasure that quilt.
Just checking in,
-Shannon in Austin