Monday, December 17, 2007

Early Christmas Present for Nate

We bought Nate a new TV. It's a 23 inch LCD. His old Tv was 13 inches, so quite a difference! We couldn't wait until Christmas to set it up, so Nate received an early Christmas present and he LOVES it! He would barely turn his head away from the TV and smiled the whole time. Here's a couple pics of him watching Veggie Tales last night.

Owen also got an early Christmas present. Well, sort-of. His was used and a hand-me-down! We got Nate's megasaucer down from the attic for Owen to play in. As you can tell from the pictures, he really liked it! Unfortunately, Nate never really got to play in this because we got it before we knew his diagnosis. But, at least it is getting some use now and it's a joy to see Owen having fun and playing! I'm sure Owen won't mind the hand-me-downs! I'm just waiting for the day when Owen asks for a 23 inch LCD TV in his room! I don't think so!


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