Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Pictures of Owen

We'll get some pics of Nathan soon also. He hasn't been feeling well this last week. We started the Tobramyacin again and he had another reaction - desatting, thick secretions, and overall he's just not the same. So we stopped it yesterday and we've already seen some improvement. He's been running a fever some also, but we hope this is due to teething. Trey took a culture in to be tested to make sure there is no infection.
We received the Echo results and his heart is NORMAL! Good news!
Not much else going on, just hanging around the house. Owen goes in for his two month check up today. Hopefully, he'll get a good report. We know he's gained a lot of weight, that's for sure! He's a big boy! And HE'S SMILING! It's too cute! Haven't been able to really catch it on camera, but hopefully we will soon.
Please keep Nathan in your prayers, as we hope he is not coming down with something.
Thanks for checking in.

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