Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Nathan has lost his two bottom teeth! He still doesn't have his top front teeth, although one is coming through slowly. And the back teeth are slowly coming in also. We went to the dentist awhile back because we were concerned that none of his teeth were coming in (except for the few on the bottom that came in when he was very young). It is common for children who don't get oral stimulation or eat by mouth for their teeth to take a long time to come in. He said the only way to fix it would be surgery which is, of course, not an option! So, our speech therapist recommended a spin toothbrush and I've been using that for awhile and it apparently did the job by thinning out the gums and helping the teeth break through. The first bottom tooth he lost, was literally "lost". We just noticed it was gone. So either he swallowed it or it fell out somewhere. But the second one we have and will save it. Nate will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy! How cute!

We went to have an echocardiogram done this week to check his heart. This was merely a precaution to check for pulmonary hypertension. Some kids who have compromised respiratory problems can develop it and we want to make sure Nate has a healthy heart! No word on results yet.

He's been doing well and adjusting to having a brother. He's so patient and tolerates Owen's loud cries and screams. Sometimes, he even thinks it's funny! It's amazing the resemblance between the two of them. We are looking forward to the months to come when Owen gets more active and Nate can enjoy play time with him.

More pics of the boys will be coming soon.....


p.s. On a side note, SMA will be highlighted on the upcoming episode of "House", Tuesday, October 9th. Garrett Lerner, father of Zeke Lerner (Type 2, 7 years old), is a writer on the show 'House' and has written spinal muscular atrophy into an episode of the show that will air on Tuesday, October 9th (9 pm on Fox). In conjunction, the producers of 'House' have organized a publicity event on Monday October 8th in which the entire cast will participate and attempt to raise awareness for Families of SMA. Pretty cool, huh???

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