Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Called the Dr., Nate Still Wheezing

Well, Nate is still wheezing. There is definitely something going on with him - allergies, asthma, or an illness. He acts fine when he's on the bi-pap and his saturations are okay, but not great. At least, not as good as they have been over the last month or so. He's not running a fever, which is a good thing. He's in a great mood as long as you don't take the bi-pap off. When we take the bi-pap off for his bath, to change masks, cough him, get him in his Kid Kart, or for me to hold him, his oxygen saturations drop VERY rapidly and he cries and cries because he's uncomfortable and can't catch his breath. I called the Dr.'s office today and they wanted a nasal culture, which I just took in. Unfortunately, it takes awhile to get those results. They prescribed Prednisone and Augmenten which he will start today. In the past, when he's had these wheezing problems, the Prednisone seems to do the trick. So, for now, it's more rest and probably staying in bed for a couple of days until this passes.


Gammy said...

Praying that Nathan will recover quickly. Bless you all.
Love, Gammy

Murphy's Law said...

Hi Nathan,

We hope you are feeling better by now! Hang in there, tough guy!


Laurie, Mark, and Murphy Potter