Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back in the Swing...

Yesterday was cold but it was a beautiful day so we decided to get the Little Man in his swing for the first time in way too long. He only lasted about 10 minutes before his secretions were too much for him to handle so we brought him back inside but we got a couple of good pictures before then...


Shannon and Carey said...

Hello. I was browsing your site. My friend forwarded it to me. Her name is Jeri. I think I may know you. I know its Jennifer but does your maiden name start with an O? I grew up in Tulsa. Anyway just wanted to say hello and what a beautiful family you have. Great pics! I hope Nathan is doing well.
Shannon (Sakmary) Best

Shannon and Carey said...

Yeah! I was right! Well Im glad that I said hello. I was skeptical that it was you and youd think I was some stalker. My friends name is Jeri (Journeycake) Philips. I know you know her because you 2 grew up in the same neighborhood. She went to Kelley. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you great memories and lots of happiness in 2007. Im fixin to read Nathan's WHOLE site! Here I go!
Can I add your family to my site?
Let me know.
Warm regards,
Shannon :)