Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

Happy Halloween everyone (one day late!). We had a great time! Nate passed out candy to all the kids, and we had a LOT of kids! He loved seeing all of them in their costumes, especially the little girls! Dr. Nate was a hit - he was the only one dressed up as a doctor. Trey took him to two of our neighbors houses to trick or treat. It was the first time he had actually been "trick or treating" instead of passing out candy. I almost cried! Of course, he can't eat any candy, but it's the fun of it and he loved it. But his favorite part is seeing all the kids and getting attention!

Nate's sleeping habits are still all messed up. Monday, he had school at the house, and within 5 minutes of the teacher reading a story, he fell asleep...sitting up! So, they left and today he was supposed to have school again. But, he only slept like six hours last night and didn't take a nap today, so I canceled school again because I knew he would either be cranky and cry the whole time or fall asleep on them again! Hopefully, he'll get back on track by sleeping at night and taking naps!!!!

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